Accepting Hardship

. . . and when everything feels like it is too much, when the full density of world is slipping loose from tired fingers and there is just so much that you do not know, let yourself breathe, breathe into the realization that:

  • I do not understand; 
  • I do not need to understand; and 
  • that is o.k.

Don’t think too hard about it.  Just allow the world to happen as it will, with you as one if its infinite parts.  If you can do this, a level of acceptance (healing & peaceful) that you probably did not expect or even believe was possible will wash over you.  Acceptance is the nourishment that feeds our stamina and resolve and allows us to keep palms open for whatever small alms the future may bring.

And what if the hardship is one of those persistent nags that continues to pick and torment? Expect that this feeling of acceptance will pass, and that you will fluctuate between the good and bad moments.  But once recognized, no hardship will ever take away the solace in knowing that a deeper acceptance is possible.  Just as you are only one small piece of a vast, infinite and unexplainable universe, so too is it a part of you.


  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. I will strive to share it with others, and together make a better world. : )

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