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Girevoyfest 2023: Kettlebells and the Secret to Happiness – May 13, 2023

A ten-minute set with kettlebells will make you a different human being. It will change you. Physically. Mentally. – Arseny Zhernakov

Girevoy curious? You have seen Kettlebells. Maybe you have even picked one up, smelled it, rolled it around in your hands. Maybe you have swung one without knowing what you were doing or used it like an odd-shaped dumbbell. You may have even heard rumors that there are Kettlebell Sport competitions.

Girevoyfest 2023 is your chance to dip your toe into a whole new world that just might make you a different human being.

The basics:
Date: May 13, 2023
Pre-event Clinic and Q&A: 8:30 a.m.
Main Event Start Time: 9:00 a.m.

Eton Colosseum (My Boy Blue’s House)
3004 Eton Road
Raleigh, NC 27608

The Event: There are a few classic events in Kettlebell Sport. At Girevoyfest 2023, you will have the options to participate in as many of the following events as you desire:
Long Cycle (Clean and Jerk)
– 10-minute double KB Long Cycle
– 5-minute double KB Long Cycle
– 10-minute single KB Long Cycle, one hand switch
– 5-minute single KB Long Cycle, one hand switch

– 10-minute single KB Snatch, one hand switch
– 5-minute single KB Snatch, one hand switch

– 10-minute double KB Jerk
– 5-minute double KB Jerk
– 10-minute single KB Jerk, one hand switch
– 5-minute single KB Jerk, one hand switch

Single Armed Pentathlon
– Clean
– Clean & Press
– Jerk
– Half Snatch
– – Push Press
** (Each discipline is carried out for 6 minutes; Multiple hand changes are allowed; 5-minute break after each discipline)  Rules here

Other details
– The order of events will be determined based upon who shows up, and what you would like to do.
– The general rules and descriptions of lifts can be found here
– Video examples of legal lifts

To Register (Two Steps!)
– Register here
– Order tee-shirt, $25 via venmo:

NOTE: Please bring:
– your own timing device (phone/stopwatch)
– Kettlebells – all that you have, and more than you think you need, to share. (I have some, but this is a community event – brother & sister supporting brother & sister.)
– A friend, even if they do not want to lift. Community matters.

Other details:
– No weight classes
– No prizes, other than the deep satisfaction that comes with changing your soul
– Everyone who pre-registers will receive a tee-shirt.
– Bring your friends, your spouse, your children. We are all in this together, after all.

** Bonus and possibly the most important thing: As with everything I do, after we have looked pain and adversity in face, there will be time at the end to discuss what matters in life, what it means to be human, and how to flourish in the world.


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  1. Sean, just read your MAPP mag article. Loved it! I can totally related to the underuse of humor in adults (it always comes up as my 23rd or 24th CS). I will reprioritize my attention to humor — thanks to you. Just ordered your book. Huge congrats on writing it. Looking forward to reading. Metta, Jen

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