What Gives You Joy?

Readers Respond:  One of the things author David Pollay (the Law of the Garbage Truck, The Three Promises) advises us everyday to do everyday is “Find Joy.”  What is one thing you did this week that gave you joy?  Joy, happiness, Awe, Sean Doyle, Positive psychology

(If you are interested, here is my review of the The Three Promises)


  1. Thanks, Sean!

    Here’s my answer today: Being in touch with friends like you, Sean Doyle, brings me joy. You give light to the world every day. I’m grateful you’re my friend.

  2. My family and friends give me joy! There is nothing better than seeing my six year old nephew light up when he sees me, or my 89 year old Mother’s smile!

  3. Joy is being grateful to be alive, having a life filled with opportunities. Beholding flowers, soaking in the love of photography’s gifts, watching whales with my husband from our condo perched high in the jungle overlooking Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta, MX, to name a few….and on yes, reading your blog posts, Sean. Thanks for the smiles your blogs etch upon my face.

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